• By: Sree Sajal
  • Fri May 07, 2021

An individual can stop writing, but planets can never stop, according to one of India's Genuine astrologers in Kolkata. It is clear that many major changes have already occurred this year, and several more are likely to occur in the future. We have a bad habit of criticising our own people for their errors, but should we actually consider the root cause of the problems and issues?

It is important to acknowledge that everybody wishes or dreams about a better future. When we daydream or conjure grandiose visions to our thoughts, there is one thing that distinguishes us. It's fine to wish for a better future, just how closely it would resemble reality should be determined ahead of time.

According to the best astrologer and Best Vastu Consultant in Kolkata, there are some positive and unhealthy planets in each horoscope. The Moon's North Node, also known as rahu (Vedic term), is the one that creates illusions. You will have strong desires that you will not be able to satisfy with your current resources or truth.

When Rahu is joined by Venus, such needs will reach their pinnacle. Venus is the world of beauty and opulence. Venus brings a plethora of worldly desires that are usually out of control, and it can be difficult to transform them into truth.

There are a few specifics that can render such a combination:

1- To begin with, the position of Rahu in one's horoscope has a significant impact. When put in the fifth, sixth, ninth, or eleventh house, it produces neutral to positive results. If rahu is put in a home, regardless of its condition, good or poor, dangerous results will not occur because it loses all of its negativity. If rahu is put in a house other than the ones mentioned above, it will cause illusions and imagination.

2- The primary transit of Rahu lasts 18 years and 7 months. If Rahu forms an unfavourable conjunction with another planet during its transit, it will have negative consequences. If it collides with another planet that is causing you harm, rahu will act as a steroid for that planet, amplifying its strength.

3- Negative feelings would be triggered by the Moon's position. When combined with Rahu, the negative effects would be amplified. The Moon becomes weak as a result of Rahu, and this may trigger undesirable thinking patterns, daydreaming, or fear.

4- Negative Mercury and Jupiter in one's horoscope, as well as some kind of Rahu relation, will establish certain requirements.

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