• By: Sree Sajal
  • Wed Mar 03, 2021

Let us just get one thing off the ground before we start: palm reading practice has not been shown to bear anyway, shape, or form to carry any scientific or truthful weight. But at a time when there is so much happening in the news and so many media forms to take, it might be a pleasant speed shift to look inward with your palm. Although the exact roots of palm reading are uncertain, it has been practiced for thousands of years in different cultures. Sree sajal astrologer made his name among the top 10 astrologers in Kolkata. He is one of the famous palmists in Kolkata will tell you how beginners can read their palm and here are some basic rules of palm reading:

Reading your palm lines: Learning about your hand lines is very interesting, especially because the palm of everyone is different. There are four main lines on your hand—the depth, form, length and markings are examined to reflect the four different sections of us.

1- The Heart Line: Our emotional self is the foundation. A short heartline appears to signal narcissism, whereas a long heart line suggests that your sleeve is more likely to be worn by your heart. Straight lines indicate stability, affability and ease of approach, while love lines that curve upwards suggest that you express your love with intensity. (In the meantime, love lines downward can allegedly suggest that your relationship is awkward, and can also make your partner feel uncomfortable).

2- The head line: the head line represents the mental self, longer headlines (meaning that the line runs from under your index to below your rosy finger) display mental clarity in the palm world. A shorter line implies that in your decision-making phase you can be hasty, uncertain, and impulsive.

3- The Life Line: Our vitality is the line of life. Longer life lines are pronounced that are more full of life. Meanwhile, shorter lines of life supposedly mean that you are more vulnerable to disease (remember that there is no clinical evidence to support this, because doctors don't believe palm lines will offer insights into the disease). A curved line is said to imply high levels of energy, while a straight line means you pull faster and need more time alone.

4- The Fate Line: It shows how safe we feel in the world, or how we care about it. The deeper and lengthier your destiny, the more good your career is as a general rule.

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