• By: Sree Sajal
  • Tue Apr 06, 2021

According to Astrologers in Kolkata, Scorpio natives will have a prosperous year in 2021. All would be on a gracious note, whether it was about mental strength or domestic relations, schooling or work. With Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in your third house, you will experience popularity, prosperity, social status, and wealth accumulation (Capricorn). Even Jupiter's transit into Aquarius in April will bring you good fortune and results. You would have a good time in your relationship if you are already in love. Furthermore, your health will be in excellent condition. As a result, Scorpios should expect a happy and healthy year in 2021. Sree Sajal is a well-known Numerologist in Kolkata.

Career: Saturn is a difficult teacher to work with and earn complete marks on exams. However, if you work hard and consistently during the year, you can achieve the best results in 2021. Although Saturn will put you to the test in your career, Jupiter will bring you prosperity. This year, you will be provided with various opportunities, and it is recommended that you select the best one after conducting thorough study. When it comes to winning your position in 2021, don't make any hasty decisions. To achieve the best results, you must maintain patience and consistency in your work. In 2021, you may have a lot of problems at work. However, if you hold your temper in check, you'll be able to handle the situation and finish your job successfully.

From January to mid-March, you will have a pleasant time at work, and May and August will be fruitful for you. In July, your work card will show the update. This year, you will be taking national and international business trips. 

Married Life: Rahu is in your 7th house for the whole year, which is not a positive sign for your wedding bliss. In your married life, a minor disagreement can quickly escalate into a big one. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution when dealing with your partner and make every decision in your marital life together. For married couples, the timeframe from mid-February to mid-April continues to be extremely difficult. Allowing arguments or frustration to take their toll on your marriage is counterproductive to settle disagreements calmly.

Health: In 2021, the wellbeing remains excellent during the year. You have no chance of contracting a serious illness. Saturn and Jupiter will give you strength and endurance from the inside out this year. To avoid sickness, you must pay attention to your eating habits and lifestyle. Because of Ketu's location in your symbol, if you get sick, it will take a long time for you to recover.

Remedies for Scorpio natives: 

1- Wear coral in the copper ring.

2- To attract luck on a regular basis, make a tilak with saffron and turmeric.

3- At home, perform Shiva worship according to Rudravhishek.

4- Offer water to the Sun every day with a copper vessel.

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