Vastu For House Hunting – How To Select A New Home

Vastu For House Hunting – How To Select A New Home

  • By: Sree Sajal
  • Thu Aug 20, 2020
Vastu For House Hunting – How To Select A New Home

Vastu practices are followed with a belief of bringing a proper balance of the five basic elements. If the balance of these five elements, that are air, water, fire, earth and sky is fine, then it will have a positive impact on your life, says Vastu experts at Sree Sajal Jyotish, the best Vastu consultant in Kolkata

If you are on the house hunt, then you must not ignore the Vastu aspects of the prospective homes. Buying or even changing the renting homes signifies a big change in your life and you need to be mindful regarding Vastu elements. You need to follow the following Vastu tips while checking homes on rent.

  • Go only for the house where all the four corners are intact, i.e., any corner is not abruptly cut or distorted.
  • The north or north-east side of the home should be open and rooms should be on the south or south-west side.
  • It will be better if you can find the north/north-east quadrant on the lower side, whereas the south-west quadrant on the higher side.
  • Prefer houses having an entry from the east or north-east direction. Avoid south-west facing homes.
  • If the master bedroom is on the south-west side of the house, then it's good. Avoid if it is in the south-east direction.
  • The kitchen should be on the south-east side for the best Vastu effects. Avoid if it is in the north-east direction.
  • The puja room in the north-east, east or north of the house is preferable.
  • The north-west zone is considered best for the guest-room or drawing-room.
  • Prefer houses having toilets in the north-west direction and avoid if it is in north-east direction.
  • The staircase should not be in the north-east direction and should always be clockwise.
  • If the basement exists, either it should be under the entire house or in the north/north-east zone.

Rectifying the Vastu aspects of your home

Whether you are looking for homes to buy or on rent, there is a good chance that you may not find a place with perfect Vastu. Though it is important to consider various parameters like the area of the plot, soil, negative energies, etc. but apart from these parameters, you can further rectify Vastu aspects. You just need to follow the following tips. 

  • Keeping the house clean and painting it properly is also considered good according to Vastu. It enhances and spreads positive energy all over the house. 
  • If going to paint the rooms, prefer white and light colours. Avoid black and red.
  • Grow plants like guava, ashoka, neem, etc. for re-energizing your home.
  • Prefer using white lights to brighten up your home.
  • If you buy any new home-appliance, avoid keeping it in the north-east zone. It should not be heavy. 
  • Ensure to remove unused and faulty objects like broken utensils, clothes, shoes and electronic items. Such things exude negative energy. 
  • Keep rearranging your cash-box and removing useless bills etc regularly.

There are many more such Vastu tips which you may need to follow according to the state of your house. Find a suitable home and incorporate Vastu elements for a positive and happy life. Visit Sree Sajal Jyotish, the best Vastu consultant in West Bengal for more Vastu tips. While it is not possible for all homes to be perfectly Vastu compliant, we advise highly-effective Vastu tips to gain the maximum benefits out of it.

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