Vastu Shastra Tips Shared By Astrologer To Build Your Home

Vastu Shastra Tips Shared By Astrologer To Build Your Home

  • By: Sree Sajal
  • Tue Dec 15, 2020
Vastu Shastra Tips Shared By Astrologer To Build Your Home

Are you planning to build a new house? Most of the people are worrying before build their own house that family leads a harmonious life with the surroundings of our property. Even they are wondering how can we lead a peaceful and prosperous life in our new house. Accordance with the principle of Vastu shastra, Nothing can be more beneficial than building a home.

Here are some useful tips shared by Sree Sajal Jyotish (Vastu Consultant in Kolkatafor a new house designing. It also attracts the natural positive energy in your house.

To design your living room: No matter what kind of houses you intend to create, living rooms are a big part of any home. As this is the place where you entertain your guests and also spend quality time with your family.  An Astrologer believes that living rooms serve dual purposes. Here are some tips must follow while designing your living room-

1- Front Facing living area: This is the area that has maximum advantages, the north should be the most important direction. If you have south or west facing house, make sure you build a living room on the back or side.

2- Seating: The house owner should always face either the eastern or the northern direction while sitting in his living room. Both visitors and other relatives of the house either sit next to the owner of the house or opposite him.

3- Doors: The doors in the living room are not constrained by their numbers, but by the places. Holding your main entrance in the northern direction is always fruitful as this is the route that has the most magnetic power.

4- Flooring: You should still be on the lower level in your living room. This will give your family a clear sense when compared to your visitors and guests.

To build your bedroom:  It's necessary to maintain the optimal situation of your bedroom as an intimate location of your entire house. Here are some tips must follow for achieving the best results-

1- Doors: Doors should be open up to 90 degrees to your bedroom. This is important because the maximum chances of your life are allowed. The most important thing that door made up of strong and solid material.

2- Get rid of clutter:  Bedroom must be free from clutter and having enough space for movement. In Vastu Shastra, clutter within the wardrobe and under the beds is considered to be a bad sign and you must stop it at all cost.

3- sleep to the south side: Your head always point to the south while sleeping in a bed. Avoid northern direction because North has magnetic energy and it excites your blood.

4- Sharp corners must be avoided: Don’t sleep directly in line with any sharp corner because this will make you more tensed or depressed and take away your calmness from your life. It hampers the likelihood of your success.

To design your Kitchen: It's necessary to design your kitchen. Here are some important principle of Vastu shastra must follow-

1- Always build your kitchen in the south-east corner of the house.

2- For your kitchen, Use colours like Red, Blue, Yellow and Green to enures good health.

3- Place your gas and exhaust ventilator fan in your south-eastern corner room.

4- Place your electrical appliances in the southern region, such as a microwave oven and mixer, since this is the fire feature.


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