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Curious and energetic, Sagittarius is one of the biggest travelers among all zodiac signs. Their open mind and philosophical view motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life. Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes. Sagittarius-born are able to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and they will do anything to achieve their goals.

Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius needs to be constantly in touch with the world to experience as much as possible. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the largest planet of the zodiac. Their enthusiasm has no bounds, and therefore people born under the Sagittarius sign possess a great sense of humor and an intense curiosity.

Famous Sagittarius:

Brad Pitt, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Sia, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Jay-Z, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Ian Somerhalder, Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora, Trey Songz, Jake T. Austin, Scarlett Johannson, Christina Aguilera, Jake Gyllenhal, Chrissy Teigen, Martin Van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Franklin Pierce, Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Manolo Blahnik, Gianni Versace, Joseph Stalin

  • Lucky Stone : Topaz

  • Lucky Colors : Light Blue

  • Lucky Numbers : 3, 7, 9, 12, 21

  • Ruling Planet : Jupiter — the planet of luck and expansion

  • Day : Thursday

  • Element: Fire

  • Greatest Overall Compatibility:Gemini, Aries

  • Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor

Traits and Personality of Sagittarius

  1. Super at home with the world, you’re happy with a passport and a backpack — what else do you need?
  2. Your mind is an endless labyrinth; you love getting to know yourself and what makes you tick.
  3. A born leader, you never worry about what people think. Your ideas are unique, and you don’t second-guess yourself.
  4. You have a creative vision that’s on point, and appreciate museums, books, and culture, and pretty effortlessly stay on top—or are involved—with the latest going on in the arts world.
  5. You’re honest. People trust you, respect you, and you never get caught in a web of gossip or lies. You know that anyone could look through the text chains on your phone and you would be in the clear.

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